The Catalyst Studios

A state of the art film production company that provides opportunities for innovative storytellers to bring their vision to life through the art of film, animation and sound. Providing writers, Directors and Visionaries with the right equipment, knowledge, a fully fledged production house and tools to discover life through the lens and on to the silver screen.

At Catalyst we have invested in developing a story of human truths to share perceptions and concepts of our existence with the world.

The Catalyst Studios is simply a “catalyst” merging with businesses, entrepreneurs and creatives to create relevant content that encourages positive chain reactions. From visual media, social media and to networking outlets we are able to provide a channel that fuels expansion.

Be a catalyst, react with us

All new Catalyst Connects Coming soon

Amongst delving into fictional, factual and everything in between when creating content, the Catalyst Studios are well known for bringing influential content creators into a space to share and celebrate their work. This also allows them to meet with the professionals that can enhance their career paths. International networking event – Catalyst Connects encourages creatives to connect with the Film, TV and Radio industry simultaneously.